Mobile Karaoke DJ Services

Music And Photo Booths offer some of the best mobile karaoke DJ services in the area. Accelerating a full 24” lyrics displaying tv screen, two wireless handheld microphones, full professional sound system, and a mobile entertainer who runs the show. Our library of karaoke music consists of over 70,000 karaoke songs from the 1950’s all the way to the top current music. Whether you are the seasoned karaoke veteran, or a beginning rookie, you will have a blast using us for your next karaoke event.

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Karaoke Q&A

What Type Of Karaoke Music Do You Have?
We have a large variety of karaoke music. Our library currently consists of over 100,000 songs, from country, rock, oldies, and pop music.

How Many Microphones Do You Bring?
All our karaoke setups go out with two very impressive totally wireless handheld microphones. This gives you the freedom of moving around the room while singing.

Can We Just Rent The Karaoke System And Not The DJ?
We want each experience to be fun and fulfilling. Our mobile DJ/KJ’s are experienced in controlling all the functions and features of the karaoke system. They make sure that all songs are lined up so that you don’t have to take the time to look for them yourself. Gives you more time to sing your heart out.
(Currently we only rent karaoke systems that come with a live DJ/KJ)

What If You Don’t Have The Song I Want To Sing?
We will try everything in our power to accommodate each person with their song requests. If by some reason we don’t have your song, when internet is available, we will find it and download it.